Hi everyone!  Just a bit about myself.  I have been sewing since my mom could put a needle in my hand. My mom worked in the Garment District in New York City.  Ever since I could remember my mom would always be sewing something either for the house or clothing for us to wear.  And I still have many of those items that she made for us.  So as time went on, I would get creative and make my own clothes.  After getting married and having children of my own, I continued to sew.  I have always wanted to learn to upholster and make slipcovers.  My mom would throw a sheet over a chair and just pin it into place.  I remembered thinking how I didn't like that. Fast forward 24 years.  While working as an office assistant, the owner's wife brought in an antique couch.  She used the building space to create slipcover magic.  I was mesmerized.   And there began my search for an industrial sewing machine, plus a how to video about slipcovers.  My sewing background helped to begin my slipcover adventure.